Planning Artwork in a Series

Have you participated in a painting challenge? do you lay out a series of work at the beginning of a year?

"Who Has Seen the Wind?" a 12"x16" painting and part of my landscape series planned this year.

Do you plan work in a similar fashion? How do you do it? Why do you think it helps?


If you can't make out my handwriting, the upper left series is a floral theme, with the centerpiece being a large-ish peony painting with two smaller peony paintings, as well as a 20x20 square and two 12x16s.

The second set is a landscape series with a large, pastoral landscape at the center (that I may reproduce) and two horizontal 12x16s and two horizontal 9x12s.

The third set is a set of four kitchen still lifes as well as a series of vertical 16x12 inch ale paintings.

I'm well into the landscape series. I have a couple of sanguine portrait drawings to do in April, and then it's on to the rest!

Thimgan Hayden

website of Michigan portrait artist and painter of still life, landscape, Italian and American, and floral subjects.