Small Paintings for the Holidays

For you, I have a couple of special price opportunities running between November and December! A hand-full of small works are on sale and make beautiful, classy gifts for others or yourself.

This past summer I painted as often as I could and was able to work on pieces in three of five themes/subjects that I'm enjoying. I finished my goal of summer medium-sized floral paintings, I'm doing a series of small florals, more pastoral landscapes, and am hoping to get going on my still life tribute to hearty ales and delicate wines!

In addition to holding the course as a painter, I'm stepping out with digital marketing/social media management. People think it's a strange combo, once I convince them that yes, I am an artist, but that digital marketing also scratches a "create and organize" itch.

I'm not done with the small series of flowers in a glass. I like the idea of having the same glass, the same napkin, and all sorts of colorful blooms to choose from.

Do you know about Sir William Nicholson? He illustrated the original Barrie "Peter Pan" and was known in Britain as a top portrait painter and illustrator primarily, but I think his still life paintings are what captivate modern audiences- certainly me.

His raw perception of household objects and flowers inspired my exploration of these small flower paintings, which I paint in the north light with my left hip smashed against the sink and people trying to use the stove just to the right of my subject set up!  If you'd like to read more about Nicholson from my point of view, there's more here on my blog: Still Life Inspiration from Sir William Nicholson


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Thimgan Hayden

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