Making Giclees in Scale/Proportion to Originals

This is a brief post, just stopping in to make a public bookmark for myself, really. 

If you are going all in the canvas print market or just dabbling, one of the first challenges you'll run into is that the original dimensions of your paintings don't necessarily scale up or down to a popular sizes, i.e. easy to frame for most people. 

Below is a link to Century Editions, who has kindly posted a chart showing scaling options.

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Canvas or Panel?

Canvas or Panel?

Looking for quick advice on how to choose a panel or canvas for oil painters? Read the post and click the blog post title to get to the video link.

Dreaming in Lead White

I'm sure a measure of you can sympathize with lead white addiction in painting (no, not eating).  When I discovered it years ago, I was able to walk around with a knowing expression...I'd found one of the secrets of the Old Masters.

However, as I ran out of tubes of my lead white, I found myself a little nervous about ordering more.  Some may argue that it's fine.  It's a heavy pigment and isn't floating around trying to poison me.  But, I work at home a fair amount.  I work in my kitchen fairly often.  I have children and a lap dog.  I just would rather avoid it for a while.

SO! I was excited to find this blog post.  I'm going to experiment a bit and see if I like the home brew lead white substitute as described.

I'm really liking Oleogel and more recently Wilson's Medium from Natural Pigments.  Wilson't Medium gets sticky and rich quite quickly that can add some texture within one session.  Perhaps this lead white sub and Wilson's can get together and make something lovely!