Beyond Bob Ross- Relax with How to Paint Videos

Vid links to Keating painting in the style of Rembrandt, but you can find this Van Gogh Vid as well. Disclaimer: I don't always agree with Tom's technical breakdown exactly, but I find it fascinating how relaxed this man is, and how he can talk and paint from his head so effortlessly! 

I spent part of the day working on the computer while half watching/listening to Tom Keating on YouTube. 
Have you watched that guy? He knows a version of the history of the artists' lives and techniques (Not sure it's always correct) and can paint with such ease while talking without edit cuts. It's amazing! Okay, it is a little cartoon-y but seriously! I don't know how he can just invent on canvas like that while talking!
So... I look up more about him, and sure enough, he was an art forger before he hosted his TV how-to show. I should have known. I have a "thing" for British art forgers, artists, and gardeners I guess. The accent, the paints, copying old masters, the flowers... ah... all so peaceful. And there's always Bob Ross:)
Find Tom Keating and John Myatt (The Forger's Masterclass) on YouTube and Bob Ross everywhere. Tom Keating's vid on Rembrandt impressed me.

Relax and enjoy. Especially relax.


Thimgan Hayden

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