Open Studio Plans

ARTEGIRO Residency Is Coming!

La bella vita- the beautiful blend of fresh sunshine and kitchens, image courtesy of Artegiro on Facebook

Hooray!  I am so honored to be chosen as an Artist In Residency by Artegiro Contemporary ART Artegiro Website.
I have the opportunity to stay for a time in a country I love-Italy.  I have the freedom to paint or draw what I wish.  To experiment if I want to, and explore.  Another exciting aspect is that my host and dear friend, Renata Summo-O'Connell, will arrange for me to meet art scholars or painters or craftspeople to talk with during my stay.  At this point I'm looking forward to painting a little of everything subject-wise and experimenting with mediums a bit (I still don't know what I'm in love with), visiting art museums and eating:).  I will be bringing some pieces back with me to the States, and plan on a slow food evening Open Studio linked with Artegiro to share the project with you.  I also hope to be a good little blogger.
Montefiascone-image courtesy of Artegiro on Facebook