Commissioning Art- Process and Pricing


Classically-trained in Florence, Italy, I use the highest quality artists’ materials and traditional methods to create portraits of lasting quality and beauty. My greatest influences include the works of Caravaggio, Velazquez, and Van Dyck.

The first step in commissioning a portrait is to contact me or a representative, and arrange for an initial talk or visit. I will discuss ideas for the piece with you, the client, and any involved representatives. Where will the painting hang? How large will it be? How formal? What special objects or clothing may be used? Where will the sittings take place? The decision to be painted and by whom is an important one and a rapport between an artist and sitter is essential. The experience should be comfortable as well as memorable.

A portrait from life generally requires a minimum of 3 sittings of 3 hours each. A large, complex painting strictly from life may take 14 or more sittings. For optimal working conditions, I paint from life in my studio. When painting children or an adult that is unable or unwilling to travel to my studio, I will consider working from studies and preparatory photographs. I will also consider working in a makeshift studio on location. This is decided on a case-by-case basis.  Once all of the initial details have been worked out, I will begin developing ideas for the piece and take photo references. I ask for a 30% deposit at this time. I will show you studies and/or the lay-in of the painting by which to judge the mood and composition. At approximately half way through the painting a second, non-refundable payment of 30% is requested upon your approval of the painting’s progress. The remaining payment is due upon delivery. It’s best to allow 3 months from the start to the completion of a portrait whenever possible.

Having one’s portrait painted is a momentous event, and my goal is to create a beautiful and deeply personal work of art that will bring pleasure to many generations.

Would you like to talk about your idea or get a personalized estimate? Contact me here.

Oil Portrait Fees

Each project is different and I do my best to work with your budget. The size of the painting is less important in pricing than how much detail or how much of a body is to be included. While the prices quoted will be for unframed paintings, I am able to assist in choosing and ordering frames as well as installation.

Oil Portraits on linen or panel usually range from $2,000 to $20,000.

Gem portraits come framed and ready to hang. For more information about Gem Portraits, click here.

Other Fees

Additional figures are priced at 50% of original price. Detailed and complex backgrounds, props, canvas size, additional figures or the inclusion of pets increase the price from the base prices above.

The cost of the materials is the artist’s responsibility. The client is responsible for any travel, framing, shipping, insurance costs incurred, as well as sales taxes when applicable.

All oil portraits are painted on hand-picked portrait linen with archival quality oil paints and mediums.

Original Portrait Drawings

Portrait drawings are done on archival quality toned paper in either graphite, sanguine, or charcoal/carbon pencil highlighted with white chalk. They are drawn from life within 1 or 2 sittings of 3 hours each or from approved photo references.

Portraits in graphite or other drawing medium begin at $450. They can come framed and ready to hang for under $1000. Prices effective through 2018.