Plein Air Painting for Moon Bears August 10th, 2013

This year, I decided to donate my earnings from my painting efforts with the Water Street Gallery plein air event to help Moon Bear rescue from the vile bear bile industry.  This is a horrible life for a bear---years of pain in a tiny cage.  There is at least one rescue organization actively rehabbing and providing sanctuary for bears.  It's sad, but turning away doesn't help.  There has been growth and good outcomes for bears since I started paying attention to this two years ago.  So CHEERS to the people on the frontlines of this-that experience the joys,stress and sorrows first hand.  I'd like to help in the best way I can.   For now, it's with a brush.

Bluebird Trail ll, 12x16 oil on linen panel 2013

Thimgan Hayden

website of Michigan portrait artist and painter of still life, landscape, Italian and American, and floral subjects.